MDD is the first company in Poland to introduce the PCon Planner program. These tools help in the planning and creation of projects ideally customized to the needs of the client. We ensure the same great customer service during the project stages until the project's completion.

Pcon Planner allows you to design your ideal office with exact pricing and assortment making placing orders very simple. PCon.update service allows you to constantly update the newest offers and varieties. The user can smoothly add new products immediately, when they are first introduced to customers in the marketplace.

Pcon Planner not only makes work easier, but will offer the customer a more pleasant experience.


Reception desk WAVE


Shaped with simple elegance, our new Wave reception impresses with a subtle ocean wave design expressing a sense of calmness. The white Lacobel glass top with the added decorative strips at the front and bottom, add to its fresh and sleek appeal.

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